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 As a former Interior Designer and Marketing specialist, 

I'm fully convinced of the value of excellent presentation.

Beautiful designs and places only translate if photographed well.


Studies in Fine Art - University at Buffalo.  B.F.A. Interior Design - Buffalo State College.

Kim is from a long line of extremely hard workers. Her family has deep roots in Buffalo New York, a town where nothing comes easy and complacency is a luxury one can't afford. A strong work ethic and a passion for excellence in built environments lead her to pursue studies in Interior Design and Architecture. After having worked in an architectural firm, an opportunity arose to stretch her creative wings even more as the in-house Marketing specialist for a high end cabinetry company. Pulling upon all her interests and skill sets - interiors, graphic design, web site development - aided in understanding what effectively sells and product or service. It starts with excellent photography. Kim set to work raising the standard for the company's photography by taking over the responsibility. After ten years (to the day), Kim struck out on her own with her new skill set as an Interiors Photographer.  Now, she revels in crafting striking imagery for those whom with she shares a kinship: Architects, Designers, Builders, Developers, Hotels and Resorts. 


"I'm fortunate to have been trained by world-class photographers.Therefore I take pride in specializing in highly polished, appropriately styled images that help my clients win awards, get published and attract prospects. If you care about your work as much as I do, let's talk."

Marriott Approved.

things i love

"I am a coffee snob. I roast my own beans with a hot-air popcorn popper.

I love travel and volunteering. Nothing gives you greater perspective than getting out of your own little world. 

Happy dogs romping around at the beach bring a smile to my face any day."